Offerings from The Field - Parallel Sessions, Day 2


26 April 2018

Alex Poppleton and Cinthya Quijano  

An OD Hippocratic Oath (Let’s create one)         

For doctors the Hippocratic Oath provides a simple way for their purpose, intentions, values and what they do to be universally understood.

We believe OD needs a Hippocratic Oath. We believe OD has unique and powerful philosophical roots that support our work and are more relevant than ever today. Join us as we inquire, explore and experiment with writing a Hippocratic Oath for ourselves as a community.

Alastair Wyllie and Maxine Craig

Reflective practice on elders and eldership in organisations     

As people work longer, and the nature of work changes, how does our thinking about elders and eldership in organisations - and our communities of practice - also need to change? How might elders - those in the last quarter of their careers - share their stories of passion, despair and deep desire to continue to contribute in new ways? How can the talent pipeline better serve eldership in our organisations and communities of practice? We propose to consider these questions through an OD supervision lens - a reflective practice, based on everyone's experiences, what we now feel and think, and what we are (not) doing about them

Carole Swindells, Karen Dumain, Deborah Davis and Maxine Craig

Developing & validating ‘system ready’ OD practitioners across the NHS: sharing learning for developing OD capability across systems"         

This national NHS project grew from a very successful pilot in the NHS North West Leadership Academy.  The pilot focused upon how we support OD practitioners to robustly evidence their capability to undertake system level OD support. Our aim is to establish and test an approach to enabling OD practitioners within the field of health and care to demonstrate and claim their competency.  A simple aim with complex delivery - an opportunity to share our learning so far and what questions are emerging for us in this work.       

Liz Goold and  Katherine Long     

Is the ‘O’ in OD too limiting, when it comes to systems leadership?       

Systems Leadership is emerging as a powerful response to complex societal and sustainability challenges. Given the increasing need to work across organisational, cultural and system boundaries, is the ‘O’ in OD too narrow? How might OD engage in systems leadership to remain relevant? And what might this mean for other related fields, such as coaching, leadership development? We will draw on current thinking and practice around systems leadership to host an informed inquiry around the implications this raises for OD.      

Jess Taylor and Beverley Powell

Beneath the Iceberg: A whole system co-inquiry into Equality, Diversity and Inclusive OD Practice

This parallel track session will offer a space where we can reflect, speak and act to together to explore how, as OD practitioners we can bring the theory and practice of ED&I into our everyday practice. By understanding the interconnections between the ‘me, we and wider systems in which we exist, we can begin to gain greater insight into strengthening inclusive practice, as well as being able to name some of things that get in our way. Be prepared to bring courage, compassion (lots), and laughter as we explore these fields together.

Griff Griffiths, Catharyn Wyatt, Cara McCarthy and Lucy Bond      

Top-down or bottom-up change? How to have both.    

How do you translate centrally-created visions, values and frameworks into sustainable action on the ground?  You get stories from the people on the ground; use the vision as a frame to see patterns in the stories; act to shift the patterns. We will do this in the session, using your stories about change and a frame from a real project.

Nick Richmond and Stelio Verzera              

Designing Adaptive Organisation with LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®

Using LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® we will explore how to creatively and radically reinvent your organisation to enable human thriving and ensure ongoing relevance in an ever-changing field. Come join this playful and powerful session to explore the future.

Sponsor Showcase Session - Mightywaters

Mark Withers and Anna Withers

It's all in the Mind - noticing how our unconscious shapes our thinking and practice

To be relevant we need to understand as best we can the reality we are working with. Research from the fields of cognitive psychology, neuroscience and behavioural economics highlights over 100 biases that can distort how we think about problems. This interactive session will introduce you to eight characters that embody these unconscious biases, exploring how an understanding of the work of these characters will help you in your practice as an OD consultant and coach.