Offerings from The Field - Parallel Sessions, Day 1


25 April 2018

Alex Poppleton

Risk Culture – is it time to throw out the rulebook? 

Despite increasing regulation in many industries, ‘rules’ do not enable risk to be managed effectively, and unanticipated risks can threaten organisations’ very existence.

Join Alex to explore how ‘Risk Culture’ is not just about mitigating potential downsides, but actively encouraging innovation and embracing ambiguity. How can OD revolutionise our understanding of risk, expose potential ‘blindsides’ and develop ‘principle-based risk cultures’?

Steve Hearsum and Lenz Jäger

Intergenerational OD - what's the problem?     

Age may be a predictor of many things, but is it true that the under 40 have nothing to offer OD? That’s the implication of younger ODNE members’ experiences, who often report being patronised and discounted. How can OD have any legitimacy in 2018 if it excludes many of those with most expertise and experience of technology and its impact?    

Richard Cotter and Jonathan Mcllwaine                                                                                  

‘Trojan Horse OD: how HR can become OD from the inside-out’              

A case study on how the HR unit in the Irish entity of a corporate multinational evolved into a business and organisation development function by virtue of strategic need, and through an initially tacit but eventually explicit process of loss, change and addition to the services traditionally provided by mainstream HR

Cheryl Young    

When an intervention 'crashes and burns': Learning from screwing up - strive and grope or let go and allow

Through failures we can discover and be delighted, or shocked and disappointed. There is learning in things that go (or we do) wrong. I will talk through a case where I learned the importance of what ‘is’ rather than what ‘ought to be’.  Hopefully others will share their stories and think about what we can learn from screwing up! 

Tony Nicholls, Martin Saville, and Pip Rowson          

OD in the Open/ OD for Real

Demystifying OD thinking and practice to make it more accessible. We believe this comes from supporting clients within the context of real work, helping them understand how change really happens, working in real time (in the here-and-now), and utilising real, grounded language that is familiar and commercially attuned. We want to explore these assumptions and any relevant case studies

Tim Nash, Marie-Anne Chidiac, and Angelika Burovski

The Relevance of Relationality - A Gestalt View of Presence

In keeping with the conference theme, this presentation stresses the importance of otherness and context in organisational life. We aim to show that more effective organisations are moving away from the individualistic model and seeking ways to harness the power of a relational framework. We argue that the Gestalt approach is well positioned to offer a clear way forward and support in its conceptualisation of presence as ‘Energetic Availability and Fluid Responsiveness’ (Chidiac & Denham-Vaughan, 2007).

Marina Bolton, Carolyn Norgate, Claire Wightman, and Tammy Noel

Interesting Times in a Complex Context: OD in the UK Civil Service

If the British Civil Service is a system of systems - a loose and tight formation of organisations bound together by public purpose and politics - then just how do you navigate that landscape and practice OD as in internal practitioner?

Sponsor Showcase Session - Seeds of Transformation

Gwen Stirling-Wilkie and Rita Evans

Use of Self: Systems Leadership meets Place Based Transformation and Devolution

Organisational boundaries are blurring across Greater Manchester as they spearhead devolution and place based public service transformation. Gwen and Rita will offer you perspectives on systems leadership when working from a place-based perspective, and share their story of enabling place based leaders to be more skilful in how they use themselves to transform health and social care. They pose the bigger question - What is the relevance of this for the OD community