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ODN Europe is the European Chapter of the Organization Development Network, an international professional association of organisation development practitioners.

Organisation Development

Supporting Europe’s organisations to become more effective and healthy through the advancement of the theory and practice of OD.


Find out how membership of ODN Europe can support your career through networking, sharing and learning (including mentoring) with OD practitioners.


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Calendar of Events

Find out what events are taking place in the OD network

28May 21

FLOURISHING TOGETHER, CYCLE 3: 4 May to 13 July 2021

Conversation Space 4.4 – Responding to the Sewell Report: Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparity March 2021   We recognise the disappointment, anger and upset the Sewell Report has caused both inside and outside the OD community. We stand in solidarity with the many organisations, institutions, thinktanks and academics who have raised concerns about the limitations of the report and…

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19Apr 21

ODNE London and South East Gathering

Belonging, being in community in relation to others, feels so resonant in this time of lockdown. Having participated in six on-line sessions with Peter Block and 200 others, Sarah and Rhian shared their reflections of the experience, and invited everyone into conversations about our community, the one we co-create when we come together. We started with Sophia Thakur’s impactful poem…

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05Feb 21

ODNE Conference 2021: Community 21 – 23 April 2021

To overcome the wicked challenges of our time requires us to connect more than ever as communities. What is “community” and how is this different from teams or tribes? What’s the impact of power and influence? And how can we as OD connect, grow and support communities? For 2021 there is a new approach to the ODN Europe conference –…

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RT @thrivability: "#Regenerative" is an external effect we can hope to have on people, land and community, but first it is an internal prac…2 days ago 9
@kimwtweets Congratulations, Kim! 🎉2 days ago 0
Thank you for hosting last week @KarenWalsh122! @AMBarlow16 here for the week 👋 Here’s an interview with @DeboraGallo on cultivating an engaging learning culture through connection and curiosity 👌 days ago 0
As individuals come through major change often they talk about learning and personal growth. How can organisations support learning and growth at the team and department/directorate levels?4 days ago 4
@80lisa Agree. I often help clients in identifying what's stopping, starting and continuing4 days ago 0
@HelenaClayton Love this, so true4 days ago 0
@CrosbyandAssoc My personal reflections as I'm processing elements of my unaccepted self ....I'm fully committed to being a fallible human being, even when I'm curating the ODN Europe twitter account4 days ago 0
RT @HelenBevanTweet: The organisations with the best experiences/outcomes of change are typically those with a culture of learning: where e…5 days ago 408
A thought-provoking session this morning. What helps you, and those you work with, to move from dark discouraging imposter thinking/feelings to our more colourful, energising selves so we can be more present and at out best? days ago 0
Loving the range of models and appreciating the richness and breadth of OD5 days ago 0

Our Supporters 

Together with our founding sponsors, we created this community to provide a professional, safe space for connecting and learning. Our members call it ‘the home of OD’. Our purpose is close to their hearts: “to support Europe’s organisations to become more effective and healthy through the advancement of the theory and practice of OD”.

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