INOC Pre-Congress 2019

15 Nov 2019 - 16 Nov 2019


The INOC Congress

The Future of OD

During the last INOC Meeting the focus was on the roots of OD; in 2019 INOC will focus on the future of OD and Coaching.

INOC intend to integrate multidisciplinary perspectives on the future of the future and reflect on how the different scenarios could influence organizations, OD practitioners and humans in general.

For this Pre-Congress, INOC will not only invite OD & coaching practitioners but representatives from many disciplines: Management, Business Consulting, Personal Development, Education, and Politics.

The leading motto for the two-day event is “prosuming”: Everyone contributes by sharing his/her perspective and in turn profits from the shared insights and experiences.

The Pre-Congress will be interactively designed to open the space for diverse and contradictory dialogues regarding the future of OD:

  • Dialogue-oriented formats
  • Peer consulting & case studies
  • Learning with and from each other in “Home groups”
  • Inputs & impulses
  • Visual documentation of the results

The Pre-Congress will take place in Munich, Germany.  

Click here for more information and details on how to register..