EODF Organisation Design Masterclasses

Across Europe any number of people and communities are talking about how organisations are set up. From Teal, to Management 3.0, to Beta Codex, Sociocracy and Holocracy communities of people are talking about the design of current organisations. Few, however, are talking about HOW to design. What is the process; how do you engage staff in these deliberations; what are the choices (it is not one solution set, but numerous options), and HOW do you decide?

The European Organisational Design Forum has now developed 4 modules, including the final module on implementation of an organisation design project. This year, you have the opportunity to learn organisation design from the basics or grow your knowledge from where you are.

Seeing, Thinking and Doing Design – London, 27-28 March | Birmingham, 10-11 April
Making Design Real – London, 5 June | Birmingham, 12 June
Living the New – London, 6 June | Birmingham, 13 June

Learn more and register here http://eodf.eu/organisation-design-masterclasses/