Are you a Traveller with a Tale?


Get your OD story published!

30th May to 1st June 2017, Roffey Park

ODN Europe is pleased to offer a writing workshop, running from lunch time on Tuesday 30th May 2017 to lunch time on Thursday 1st June 2017, at the Roffey Park Institute to those who would like to write for publication (or for other reasons they may hold).

The purpose of the workshop is to enable participants to produce a written piece that is (or is close to being) competitive for publication.   It is a unique opportunity to explore the writing process (in general and your own), to be in dialogue with the faculty and fellow practitioners about your ideas, and to receive feedback from them about the content and format of your writing.  It will be convened by three faculty members of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioural Science.

Places are limited, and are discounted for ODN Europe members.