New to Field Day

For those new to, or on the fringes of, the OD field, a discounted conference fee of £250 plus VAT is being offered. New to Field participants will attend an extra pre-conference day on April 25th. This day has been added to our conference to welcome those who are new to the field, current students and those curious to understand more about using an OD perspective in their work.

The day is designed to have a series of formal and informal conversations. We have a blend of presentations, workshop sessions and a panel discussion. There will be time to connect with each other and get to know more about ODN Europe. There will also be opportunities to meet Board members. We will also have material about OD courses and education available for those who want to continue their professional development.

This very special price is for participants who will attend all 3 days, ie the 25th, 26th and 27th April.  For more information or to apply for these places, please email us.


Presenter Biographies

A note from a participant at the New to Field Day in 2016:

So my role had changed, from “Accountant and Numbers” to “People and Culture”. It was a change and a role that I wanted, but could I make it work? In particular I was now responsible for helping facilitate the benefits of integrating three organisations into one, the central plank being the development of an Organisational Development Programme to make our integration a success.

I was both curious and a little worried. Questions, lots of questions. What is OD? How does it impact on an organisation and its people? What is my role in making OD happen? Is there a supportive professional community out there that might be able to help?

The New to Field Event started to answer my questions. It allowed me to meet a number of people, both experienced OD practitioners and novices like myself – hear their experiences, reflect on their commentary and explore my own thoughts about how OD could be developed into my own organisation. The New to Field Day let me see that there were others making similar transitions/just developing their practice. It was a safe environment to explore my questions and provided an excellent introduction to the rest of the ODN conference. Attending the full conference also started the seed of what I want my approach in OD to be.

Twelve months on and I find myself immersed in the OD world, linking into resources and people that I didn’t know where there 12 months ago.

ODN New to Field certainly helped kick start me into the right space at the right time.

Ian Baines - Director of Organisational Development (Formerly a Director of Finance!!)