Evening Seminar


Tuesday 25th April, 7.30 - 9.30 pm - Sunningdale Park

In this two-hour, interactive workshop, Kate Cowie will offer a framework for the human development journey – a journey of many stages of self-identity and self-growth – by drawing on the wisdom of the sages and storytellers of the past, and the discoveries and models of modern researchers and theorists.   She will remind us that we should not take our Self for granted, as if we were a common commodity in the larger forces beyond our control; and that, whilst the process of development is a universal one, our own human adventure is an extraordinary and precious experience in its own right.

We will then be invited to reflect with others on the progress we have made on our personal pathway of growth: the challenges we have met, the challenges denied, the challenges failed and the challenges yet to come.  With fellow travellers, we will also have the opportunity to develop strategies for supporting ourselves on our onward journey.  Sensemaking is always enhanced in dialogue with others: our own understanding of who we are and who we could be is invariably deepened when multiple viewpoints are shared.  In this activity of sharing, of course, we may find guides, and serve as guides for others, for the road ahead.

Finally, in a closing conversation, we will talk and think together about the potential for our work as OD practitioners when we can bring a highly developed ‘whole’ Self to our practice.

Kate Cowie is the author of Finding Merlin: a handbook for the human development journey in our new organisational world (2012), and all participants in this workshop will receive a copy of her book.  She is a senior faculty member of the NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science, Editor of NTL’s practitioner’s journal, Practising Social Change, and for three years she was also the founding Executive Director and Chair of the Board of ODN Europe.

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