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Our next annual conference will be held at Sunningdale Park in Ascot, Berkshire on 26th and 27th April, 2017.

The overall theme of the conference will be OD in our Current and Future World and we are delighted to that Emma Langman and Mel Ross will be joining us.  Emma will speak about OD from a Systems Engineer's Perspective, while Mel will host a session on Digital Leadership and Transformation. Perspectives on our Current World is the theme for a third session, hosted by the Corporate Rebels.

Emma’s love of OD evolved from a passion for the work of Deming and other key systems thinkers of the 20th century; which she discovered while studying Civil Engineering and later undertaking her doctorate at the University Bristol. However, it would be some years before she formally left the world of engineering and segued into the world of OD ‘proper’. This happened through a series of happy accidents, including the opportunity to be part of the team that developed an inter-disciplinary Inquiry-Based Masters in ‘Systems Learning and Leadership’.

On her professional journey Emma has held a range of positions from Transportation Planner, through Business Excellence Manager – and a 4-year stint as a self-employed ‘Change Magician’ with clients in the private and public sectors. After moving to Kuwait to join an oil and gas company in a role that was primarily focused on process improvement, Emma was appointed as the Head of HR in 2013. From there she took a lateral move to become the Head of Talent Management at a large retailer in the region. This is a role that Emma loves, as it combines her engineering mind for tasks such as business planning and workforce management; as well as her people-orientated personality and joy in supporting people and teams as they grow to achieve their greatest potential.

Emma combines learning from her unusual career history and multi-national experience with a passion for OD and sense of humour that make her an interesting and engaging speaker.

Mel is founder and Director, Experience at Adapt2Digital. During her time at Adapt2Digital, Mel and the team have built a business working with leaders and transformation teams to pioneer what she calls People Centred Transformation rather than Digital Transformation. Mel is not your traditional OD specialist; she doesn’t call herself a specialist in any shape or form; simply a catalyst and challenger towards leading change towards modern business and modern workforce based on one simple premise: The Power of One. “At Adapt2Digital we are on a mission to change the way people think about business and working; one person at a time".

Corporate Rebels Pim de Morree and Joost Minnaar decided to quit their jobs and set off on a mission to create more inspiring workplaces. They started to travel the world to meet and learn from pioneers in workplace wellbeing and happiness – ticking off the heroes on their Bucket List as they go. As Pim and Joost learn, they share their stories and support organizations in their change towards a more inspiring workplace. At ODN Europe, they invite you to join them in a session where you’ll hear about their experiences and the conversations they’ve enjoyed on their quest. You’ll also learn about their unique approach to realizing radical changes to the way we work.

There will be lots of interaction during their vibrant session. Meanwhile, sign up to the Corporate Rebels blog to hear about their adventures as they happen.

Other speakers and sessions will be announced as and when they are confirmed. Open Space sessions will also be available.

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New to Field Day

For those new to, or on the fringes of the OD field, an extra day is being offered on Tuesday 25th April.

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Evening Seminar

An evening seminar is being offered on Tuesday 25th April.

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